The Office is Open

It’s been a very, very busy month at Wilkes Wood.

We’ve had some incredible projects with some wonderful clients, big and small, local and nationwide.

You can see more of these at our portfolio here.

In between these, however, we weren’t resting - we moved into our office in January, yet quickly found ourselves way too busy to complete our planned renovation, so we’ve had to wedge these things in the space between contracts.

It’s been a long and educational DIY process but we wouldn’t change a thing; our office is now open to all of you lovely people for a chat and a cup of coffee. There’s some things best planned in person, away from the tight structure of email.

Get in touch via our contact page and we hope to see you soon!


Hi there!

My name is Frederick Ostrovskis-Wilkes and, as the latter part of my name suggests, I am one half of Wilkes Wood.

We strive to help smaller, local businesses build a web presence that reflects the quality of their product or service, on time and on budget. 

Using my background in creative writing, I work closely with business owners to build a narrative to weave through my copy, ensuring your voice, and message, can be heard.

I love my job. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and I want nothing more than to see them grow.

Find out more by visiting our website:

Our Brand New Website (And Why).


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