Build-a-Brand Workshop

Small business don’t often want to stay that small, and that requires a little thing called growth.

Building recognition of your brand can often seem like an impossible task and, without appropriate marketing content and strategy, there can be a lot of time, money and energy wasted in the wrong places by determined, yet confused, business owners.

Great branding aims to synthesise an impression of you and your business into the minds of your potential customers, helping establish trust, credibility and legitimacy by striking a professional image reflecting quality and service.

If your branding is forgettable, or memorable for all the wrong reasons, then it isn’t sparking curiosity or getting tongues wagging with positive comments - word of mouth is any company’s best weapon, and you should always approach branding with this in mind.

If you’re not making a long lasting impression, then you’ve wasted your time. Even a new start-up can market themselves as a well-established entity by utilising creative design and projecting confidence through their branding - it’s about knowing your audience, what they want, what they hate, and focusing on the little details.

Your business should have a cohesive image across all platforms. This not only creates familiarity, but it looks professional, clear and unique - consider every element, right down to font choices, and ensure that each social media account has the correct photo dimensions, and all link to a landing page on your website that is mobile optimised.

From headed paper to the sign above the door, your business branding needs to work together to produce the best possible impression possible - without this, you’re risking a lot more than a few unimpressed customers.

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Hi there!

My name is Frederick Ostrovskis-Wilkes and, as the latter part of my name suggests, I am one half of Wilkes Wood.

We strive to help smaller, local businesses build a web presence that reflects the quality of their product or service, on time and on budget. 

Using my background in creative writing, I work closely with business owners to build a narrative to weave through my copy, ensuring your voice, and message, can be heard.

I love my job. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and I want nothing more than to see them grow.

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David & Goliath - How Small Businesses can Use Tech to Grow