Our Brand New Website (And Why).

Wilkes Wood hasn’t been operational all that long (since last November to be precise), so it feels strange to be writing about our website getting a dramatic update so soon after the last version was complete…

There’s a couple of reasons for this: firstly, we just didn’t anticipate the sheer volume of work we’d receive immediately after forming, so our site, ironically, took a back seat as we worked hard on ensuring our clients were impressed with their own.

Every time we allocated a couple of days to fine tune our own web presence, another client would pop up or another job became more pressing. These are, of course, truly wonderful problems to have, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone we’ve dealt with in our formative stage of business for keeping us busy - we’re loving it!

There is, however, one more thing: we’ve changed a lot in these past months. What was at the far-end of our technical capabilities in November is now common daily practice; our confidence and ability continues to grow and we’re very, very excited about what the future holds - we’re learning something new every day, and can’t see that ever slowing down; there’s always more to know in this industry.

In fact, the only thing that’s remained the same from the beginning, and will remain for as long as we’re here, is the pride we have in the work we take on; we don’t stop until we’re completely satisfied that there’s nothing else we can do to improve the end product for our clients.

We decided to take this same attitude and give ourselves a makeover, so take a look around and get in touch if you want to.



Hi there!

My name is Frederick Ostrovskis-Wilkes and, as the latter part of my name suggests, I am one half of Wilkes Wood.

We strive to help smaller, local businesses build a web presence that reflects the quality of their product or service, on time and on budget. 

Using my background in creative writing, I work closely with business owners to build a narrative to weave through my copy, ensuring your voice, and message, can be heard.

I love my job. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and I want nothing more than to see them grow.

Find out more by visiting our website: www.wilkeswood.com


The Office is Open