Small Business Tips #1 - Getting on Google

Registering your business on Google is a simple and ultimately necessary step for all small businesses to take, regardless of industry, product or service. In this short blog post, we’ll cover what this means and how to do it!

What is Google my Business?

Google my Business is a free tool provided by Google to help businesses manage their presence across their Search Engine and Maps features.

This enables you to upload up-to-date information and gather testimonials, these are incredibly important tools that allow customers to easily find you, trust you, and find our more about your business!

Can I see it in action?

Absolutely, but more importantly so can your potential customers! Here’s some screenshots I’ve taken from a search of Wilkes Wood to show you how it works:


From this search of our business name, you can see that the right side of the screen is dominated by this content:

unnamed (1).png

This enables anybody searching for you to easily see your reviews/testimonials, have instant access to your website, contact information and address, and even link to Maps to show then your location:

unnamed (2).png

You’re making it very, very easy for a customer to find you, contact you, and buy from you.

Are my competitors on there?

The truth is, your competition is probably using this tool! Having said that, a huge amount of small businesses/start-ups fail to register with Google - this means you could exploit something your competitors haven’t got around to doing yet, but either way this is definitely not worth leaving out.

How do I get started?

Easily. It takes two minutes to get your profile filled out - just make sure you have some decent quality images/logos to use - this is the first impression many will receive of your business, don’t make it a bad one!

Simply Click Here and make an account, then follow the instructions to fill in your information!

Hi there!

My name is Frederick Ostrovskis-Wilkes and, as the latter part of my name suggests, I am one half of Wilkes Wood.

We strive to help smaller, local businesses build a web presence that reflects the quality of their product or service, on time and on budget. 

Using my background in creative writing, I work closely with business owners to build a narrative to weave through my copy, ensuring your voice, and message, can be heard.

I love my job. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and I want nothing more than to see them grow.

Find out more by visiting our website:

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