Startups & Small Businesses - Why we Love Them

Small businesses, start-ups, local traders, entrepreneurs, whatever you call them, they’re why we set up Wilkes Wood.

Growing up in the Peak District, we soon realised that small businesses really are the backbone of our community, and saw that they were all too often ignored or under-appreciated by those around them.

We started to think about the issues that many smaller companies face, and what could be done to help them in this process. We decided that it wasn’t the fact that small business owners weren’t aware of what needed to be done, like:

  • Cohesive branding.

  • Well designed logo.

  • Great looking website.

  • Compelling copy.

  • Beautiful graphics.

  • Business cards, flyers, banners, etc.

It was that they just didn’t have the time to do it.

Running the day to day operations can often leave little to no time to act, and we saw many business owners stagnate at this level, bogged down with a to-do list that keeps on growing.

That’s where we come in.

We decided that we would make small businesses our priority. Helping them to grow, develop and gain awareness with professional looking branding and marketing materials they think they can’t afford.

Great things can be done on tight budgets!

Our community is what makes us great, and that’s what’s in our minds every day at the office. We know that the underdogs often have the best stories to get out there and we want their voices to be heard.

We love working with small businesses because their hard work and dedication deserve every second of our attention.

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Hi there!

My name is Frederick Ostrovskis-Wilkes and, as the latter part of my name suggests, I am one half of Wilkes Wood.

We strive to help smaller, local businesses build a web presence that reflects the quality of their product or service, on time and on budget. 

Using my background in creative writing, I work closely with business owners to build a narrative to weave through my copy, ensuring your voice, and message, can be heard.

I love my job. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities and I want nothing more than to see them grow.

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